Chris Lau - Seeking Alpha

Sunday, January 23, 2011

(Test) Post with Kapitall is a fun, stock trading game that would appeal to new investors as well as experienced ones. To more accurately measure an investment thesis against actual practice performance, tools offered by Kapitall will be incorporated on this site.

So far, three portfolios created have cumulatively returned 30.9%. Although the market continues to drift steadily higher alongside lower volatility and lower volume, the cash levels on the Kapitall portfolios have increased to take advantage of future opportunities.

To test Kapitall's tools for sharing information, below is a chart on Chesapeake Energy.B denotes 'buy' and S denotes 'sell.' E denotes 'earnings' and D denotes dividend payment.

Chesapeake Energy contributed about 4% gains in one of the practice portfolios:

As QE2 or quantitative easing via POMO unfolds in the United States, look for U.S. currency to weaken.

Companies in the energy and gold sectors will benefit as demand for these commodities increase. Credit easing will also increase risk tolerance, which will support expanded price-earnings multiples for the stocks (investors will be eager to pay a premium).

Therefore, oil and gold companies would be an area of interest for investors.