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Monday, January 03, 2011

Kapitall gets $7.3 Million to Jump Start 2011 was introduced in an earlier entry. It is described as an online investing platform that combines the world's friendliest investing experience with powerful yet simple tools to build your skills.

Most recently, Kapitall closed $7.3M in financing in December.

A number of practice portfolios were created in 2010. The performance of two of the portfolios were good, returning between 29 - 31%, additional portfolios were created so as to track its relative performance against the U.S. Index, the activity of stock picks made by hedge funds, and that of China.

The goal of this blog for the year will be to note and comment macro events, and to keep track of stocks selected and invested in the playground.

The link for is here. Facebook users can login and connect to facebook friends that way. Look up "Chris Lau" so I may "share" my stock portfolio holdings and activity.

Fig 1: Portfolio Performance versus other indices:

Fig 2: Performance for $10,000 portfolio

Fig 3: Performance for $100,000 Portfolio

A note of caution! Both portfolios are trades since June 2010. Positive or negative performance for 2011 will provide a better indication on the success of trades made in the Kapitall playground.