Chris Lau - Seeking Alpha

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Making $100,000 in Annual Income

Though the proverbial "Make x $$$!" sounds like spam, it is possible for leveraged investors to generate income on a lower exposed tax bracket.

Applying 2.85 percent prime yields -$28,500 in interest costs annually.
Invest proceeds of the one million dollars in blue chip stocks that yield between 3 - 5 percent.
The dividend - interest rate spread is up to 2.15 percent, or $21,500 a year.

Apply a 30 percent tax bracket and the after tax income is around $100,000 a year (10% a year return).

Exclusive premium research is available for investors interested in more ideas. Long only and zero leverage.

Status: Portfolio based on premium research is beating the markets this month by over 2.5 percent.