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Monday, June 20, 2011

Why $RIMM Will Not Go Away

The popularity for Android and iPhone resulted in a massive decline in sales of Blackberry in North America. That, and slow operating system updates and a relatively slow refresh cycle for newer models of the device resulted in RIM's demise Friday.

RIM, however, is not dead. It will not die, as most would wish, because of three reasons.

1. Battery life is very good, provided a user does not install a "leaky" app (unlike with Android).
2. No presumptuous spell check system (iPhone)
3. Some users will not give up a keyboard

Here's a comment summing up what went wrong with Blackberry over the last 8 quarters:

I had a Blackberry for years (for business) and loved it, then made the switch to Android thinking it's the next generation smart phones and would be better. WORST MISTAKE EVER! Android and Windows phones are made for 12 year old girls who like to gossip and send pics to each other. Blackberries are the no nonsense utility phones. Unfortunately RIM lost sight of their strength and started competing directly with the others by coping their models and thus its failure. They should have stuck to what they did best.

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