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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blackberry Playbook Post-Processing Showdown

Original: From Playbook 5MP

Modified with $2.99 Photo Touchup App in 30 seconds: 

As angry analysts issue 'sell' reports on RIM after the fact (the time to issue this warning was prior to the stock running up), let's take a step back and think of what the Playbook can do in the area a photography.

This entry was blogged from a Playbook. Additional edits made on a desktop.

Above: 5mp rear camera Playbook, no processing.

Photo 2: post-processed with 'Photo Touchup' - app available on app world

Below: post-processed in Photoshop:

Modified in Adobe Photoshop in 5 minutes including upload time:

It is unfair to compare the abilities of Photo Touchup App to Photoshop. Photoshop is a professional tool with thousands of post-processing options, and costs 500 times more. The Playbook has a good 5MP lens with f/2.8. This makes the lens faster than the average camera.

In the above example, it was easy to adjust color amounts (of green/blue), light balance, etc. 

What Touchup allowed was the ability to quickly touch-up the photo in-tablet.

Conclusion: RIM Playbook has good apps available for processing photos. What's more important is finding the few apps that matter, and Photo touchup is one of them. 

To find the best apps for the playbook, select featured or top. The apps with the most comments alongside the ranking are usually the best ones that make the "favorite" section of the Playbook.