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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Blackberry 9800 "Slider" Preview

A few months ago, a hideous low-resolution image of Research In Motion's "Slider" was leaked on the internet and shared among high-traffic gadget sites. The reaction was less than positive. Between that time, RIM's shares dropped 32%.

Below is another video leak of RIM's Blackberry 9800 Slider.

What is the verdict on the Blackberry Slider? Is it a "win" or is it "an epic fail?"

h/t K.S.

Disclosure: No position in RIMM stock. An intrinsic value for RIM is currently being assessed. Using a forward growth rate of 29%. and a 10-year avg EPS (2000 - 2009), RIM is currently trading at an implied margin of safety of 50%.