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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Notes on George Soros, Rosenberg on CNBC

The Mighty U.S. Dollar No Longer?
In the U.S., the S&P 500 is now trading over 60% higher from the bottom reached in March. For we Canadians, this return looks more impressive than it really is: the U.S. dollar fell 20% against the Canadian dollar in that time. Similarly, the U.S. currency is weak against the Yen- and the Euro. A massive U.S. dollar "carry trade" may be in the works, or maybe not.

It remains to be seen.

Rosenberg vs. CNBC
No wonder CNBC's viewership was down over 50% in October. The CNBC anchorman appears brainwashed into believing that the market's rally is unquestionable and that the index will end the year higher.

The above is a video clip re-posted from zerohedge.

George Soros Lectures
One of the best questions the interviewer asked to Soros (video #2) on his thoughts of his investment performance upon coming from retirement, helping his fund, then retiring again. Soros replied by stressing the importance of capital preservation, implementing macro-tools to generate his returns, and retiring because he is not up-to-date today for this market.

I wonder what type of returns Soros would produce if he were up-to-date in this market environment.

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