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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Local Stock broker shares trading ideas, expertise online

The Time is Now...More About Me and the Blog's First Sponsor

As you may have noticed, some of my notes on the stock market were sponsored by a new business, Professional Stock Traders Live. Link is here.

Subscribers can log into the site to watch unlimited live webcasts of Brian Paragamian making an assortment of trades. Paragamian uses charts and discusses stock-trading opportunities.

For $10.99 per month, users learn about day trading and "swing" trading, just to name a few trading methods and styles.

How I Know Patrick

I became acquainted with co-partner (
of Professional Stock Traders Live) Patrick O’Brien, while competing against him (and now with over 360,000 other users) on kaChing, a stock game that has been hosted on facebook since mid-2008. KaChing was called FSX (Fantasy Stock Exchange) Player when it was launched.

Patrick was one of the more spectacular traders who made very big trades on the KaChing game.

Below is the first press coverage for Brian and Patrick's endeavour.

Congratulations on your launch!